Sailor Moon Reflections

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An autographed print edition of this one-of-a-kind book is waiting for you.

Let Roland know whether you want softcover ($20) or hardcover ($30), and tell him how you'd like it signed.

Get yours by:

    Mailing in the pre-order form created by Emily Gonsalves.

If you pre-order by mail, please send a $10 cheque or money order made out to Roland Parliament as your deposit.


Use the Buy Now button at the top of this page to pre-order through PayPal.
When using Paypal it is up to you to put in the right figures and what you'd like your dedication to say. Note that shipping is extra, which handles postage on your signed copy.

E-books will be available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and more at $4.99. They don't need to be pre-ordered as they won't be autographed.

Note about PayPal: Some people are having trouble pre-ordering through PayPal. This is an issue with PayPal's cookies. Try deleting your cookies. If you do not wish to delete all of your cookies, simply delete the ones from PayPal. The other point is that PayPal's cookies may be considered 'third party cookies'. Make sure you have third party cookies enabled in your browser before attempting to make your purchase. Remember that you will have to close and re-open your browser for any changes to take effect.